Why is there a special society for Canadians?

Canadian archaeologiests are so rarely represented on the global stage, especially those who study Latin America. This society is to build a network and a platform for this work to be recognized.

What is an 'unprofessional society'?

An unprofessional sociey is much like a professional one. We do research, work with leaders in the field, present at conferences, and distribute publications. What makes us different is membership and outreach. You don't have to be an archaeologist/archaeology major or have an .edu email or certification to join. All you need is a love of archaeology and a desire to learn. As for outreach, we make our content open and free, because we don't think knowledge belongs behind paywalls. 

What is Latin American Archaeology?

Latin America encompasses the lands shared between Mexico and the continent of South America that were later colonized by Spanish speaking countries. The archaeology aspect bounds our interests to the civilizations that existed between pre-History to 1500 AD (Conquest).

Why do you study it?

The past is a facinating place and its influence is still felt today. By understanding what once was, we can understand what is there now.

I'm an international researcher working in Canada, can I join?

Yes. For as long as you are residing in Canada you are considered 'Canadian' by the society.

I'm a Canadian citizen that now lives internationally, can I join?

Yes. As a Canadian citizen you are considered 'Canadian' by the society no matter where you are now.

Can I join if I'm *not* an archaeologist?

Yes. Some of our members are art historians, linguists, anthropologists, curators, and even people completely unaffiliated with the field. If you are interested in archaeology then you are welcome here.

I'm not in university yet, can I join?

Yes. Though your participation in our events might be restricted depending on the situation.

My question isn't answered here, where do I go?

Our Executive Director Florence parses through the society's emails over at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can send any questions you have there. Emails concerning a specialization are passed along to the member most suited to answering.