Why join?

CLAAS is a Non-For-Profit scholarly corporation. As such, we are entirely supported by donations.

Membership will let you:

Submit citations and snapshots to the site for publication
Attend local events and lectures organized by the Society
Present your research at conferences around Canada and abroad
Participate in the general member meeting

As well as providing a network for other Latin American Archaeologists to make breakthroughs in our field.



I'm an international researcher working in Canada, can I join?

Yes. For as long as you are residing in Canada you are considered 'Canadian' by the society.

I'm a Canadian citizen that now lives internationally, can I join?

Yes. As a Canadian citizen you are considered 'Canadian' by the society no matter where you are now.

Can I join if I'm *not* an archaeologist?

Yes. Some of our members are art historians, linguists, anthropologists, or curators. If you are interested in archaeology then you are welcome here.

I'm in high school, can I join?

Yes. Though your participation in our events might be restricted depending on the situation.


What’s the cost?

CLAAS recognizes that students, faculty, and independent researchers have multiple financial obligations. As such, we strive to keep our dues as low as possible. Meaning it is outlined in our by-lays that you will never be asked to give more than $35.00. Currently, it is only $10.00/year. Donations are accepted to keep our site hosted and to support our members through bursaries and conference awards. All funds go back into the society.